D.A. Produções Artísticas (Artistic Productions)


D.A. Produções Artísticas Ltda., a company established and run by Dulce Auriemo since 2002 and located in São Paulo, operates simultaneously as a publishing house, a record label and a producer of cultural events, in addition to developing the Espantaxim Project.

Espantaxim Project

The Espantaxim Project is based on the literary musical work “Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle”, by Dulce Auriemo, and offers a contribution to children’s musical literature in Brazil. The goal is to awaken in children an interest in music, in learning music, literature and reading early on, as well as to promote ethical values, good habits, the conservation of nature and the environment, and a culture of peace. It offers a new story for the children’s universe, songs with Brazilian rhythms and 18 lovable characters.

With the development of the Espantaxim Project, new books, songs and characters came along, especially dedicated to children who are in the process of discovering the universe around them.

Publishing House

logo_da1D.A. publishing house has 11 titles published. Its goal is to offer a contribution to primary education, publishing high-quality material which can be used as curricular support throughout the school year. The Publishing House was awarded second place of the Jabuti Award 2009 in the educational material category– with the bilingual edition of the book/CD entitled My First Piano Solo Album.

Record Label

The record label D.A. MUSIC was created in 2002 to first record the songs of the literary musical work “Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle”, by Dulce Auriemo. Until today, all of the songs were recorded by D.A. MUSIC.

Production of Cultural Events

D.A. Produções Artísticas enables musical performances in theaters, book biennales, schools, bookstores, clubs, charities, CEUs (Unified Educational Centers), as well as the participation in a number of solidarity actions. Several forms of art are joined in musical performances which delight audiences of all ages. In a dream setting, Dulce Auriemo comes on stage singing side by side with her colorful and lovable characters, which are the themes of her songs and stories.


Educators are offered a workshop entitled "Train the Trainers for the Children’s Literary and Musical Project Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle" so that they can learn how the project may be used as a curricular support in the classroom, and then be able to explore its content to the fullest and adequately convey it to the children.

Who We Are

foto-equipeThe D.A. Produções Artísticas team has followed the Espantaxim Project from the beginning, working side by side with Dulce Auriemo and contributing to the development and communication of the project. The team also visits schools and institutions to present the rich content of the Espantaxim Project as a cultural support.



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